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Blue Arrow Conifer


Syzigium australe 'AATS' – Pinnacle pbr

Lilly Pilly

6 metres at maturity
2 metres at maturity
Growth rate:
Growth Habit:
A dense evergreen tree, compact in size. Upright and columnar in shape.
Rounded gloss green leaves. Young shoots are a red tone adding to this specimen’s appeal.
Attractive creamy-white, fluffy flowers appear between November and December in floral masses.
Preferred growing conditions:
Suited to grow in full sun or part shade. For optimal growth prefers non-limy, moist and well-drained sites but is adaptable to most soil types. Can be pruned if desired. May require extra watering during dry periods.
Landscape Use:
An excellent choice as a narrow hedge or for screen planting. A well suited Lilly Pilly for narrow, compact areas in the landscape or garden. Can also be pruned to create a formal appearance.

* All dimensions are indicative

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