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Ever Green

Deciduous – Trees and plants that shed their leaves for part of every year.

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Evergreen – Trees and plants that maintain their foliage throughout the year.

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2016 New Releases now available

Populus simonii ‘fastigiata’ (Simon Poplar) – deciduous, impressive columnar form of Chinese poplar - non suckering, upright branches that hold lustrous green leaves turning an elegant yellow in Autumn

Flowering Ash & Blueberry Ash – evergreen tree , produces attractive abundant white flowers in early spring

Fagus ‘sylvatica’ European Beech – deciduous, rich glossy green foliage with attractive grey bark

Ficus hillii ‘flash’ – evergreen, great for hedging or screening

Bay leaf Tree – evergreen, great for hedging or screening

Magnolia ‘fairy’ & ‘fairy blush’ – new species of evergreen magnolia ,perfumed compact flowering trees

Magnolia ‘scented pearl’– evergreen, compact flowering tree

Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’– evergreen, large perfumed cream flowers

Acer ‘platanoides’ Crimson Sentry – deciduous, upright structure with crimson leaves

European hornbeam – deciduous, screening tree, ideal for narrow landscape areas ‘upright form’

Cercis Forest Pansy ‘Eastern Redbud variety’– deciduous small tree with heart shaped burgundy leaves

Silver Birch ‘Betula pendula’ alba – deciduous, with graceful heart shaped foliage and silvery - white trunk

Gleditsia ‘Sunburst’ Honey Locust – deciduous, with bright yellow, ferny foliage

Robinia ‘Frisia’ Golden Leaved Black Locust – deciduous, attractive foliage and clusters of pea-like flowers

Acer X freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ Autumn Blaze – deciduous, deeply cut leaves – tones of orange-red to scarlet red in Autumn

Pin Oak ‘Quercus palustris’ Pringreen/Green pillar – deciduous, impressive columnar form of Pin Oak, upright branches that hold lustrous green leaves turning deep red in Autumn

Syzigium australe ‘pinnacle’ PBR – evergreen Australian native compact upright narrow (conical structure)great for screening in tight areas

Syzigium australe ‘select form’ – evergreen compact lilly pilly , small Australian native tree with glossy dark green leaves

Syzigium australe ‘hinterland gold’ – evergreen compact lilly pilly, beautiful Australian native rainforest plant with dark green glossy foliage and bronze new growth

Banksia ‘integrifolia’ (Coast Banksia) – evergreen Australian native tree with smooth-edged leaves when mature, and heads of pale yellow flowers

Waterhousea ‘floribunda’ – evergreen weeping lilly pilly medium sized evergreen tree with a dense crown and a beautiful weeping habit, widely as a screening plant

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon ‘Euky Dwarf – evergreen small to medium single trunk Australian yellow gum native tree with spear shaped, grey-green foliage

Brachychiton ‘acerifolius’ (Illawarra flame tree) – deciduous tree with vibrant flowers that are bell shaped and bright coral red which appear in Spring on leafless branches

Callistemon citrinus ‘Kings Park Special’ – (bottlebrush) evergreen native small tree display of colourful red brushes in spring