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Olive Frantoio


Olive Frantoio

Olea Europea ‘Frantoio’

6 metres at maturity
3 metres at maturity
Growth Habit:
Dense foliage at maturity.
Grows upright with a full canopy.
Evergreen. Thick elongated green leaves with silver undersides.
Prolific creamy white flowers appear in Spring followed by medium sized green edible fruits (olives) which ripen to black in Autumn.
Prefered Growing Conditions:
Flourishes in humus rich, well drained soil.
Prefers hot dry summers and cool winters.
Does not tolerate constant humidity well.
Landscape Use:
A tree which has taken pride of place in European landscapes for centuries, Olives are very much ‘in vogue’ trees in Australia. This is due to their lovely contrast colour, fruit bearing and attractive foliage all year round. They are also frost hardy, drought tolerant and pest resistant.
The ‘Frantoio’ is of Italian origin and is a prolific producer of olive fruits which are excellent for pickling and for extracting aromatic oil.
A good choice of tree where space is limited – particularly in small to medium sized landscapes. It is not only gaining firm popularity as a feature tree; it is also ideal for informal screening or hedging.

* All dimensions are indicative

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