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Manchurian Pear


Manchurian Pear

Pyrus Ussuriensis

9 metres at maturity
7 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:
Growth Habit:
Broad in shape with a conical crown.
Deciduous. Glossy dark green leaves which convert to gold, russet, deep crimson during Autumn. Foliage remains on tree well into season.
Profuse, white flowers up to 3 cm wide in Spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
Adapts to a range of site conditions including occasional wet, heavy soils, slightly alkaline soils, and dry conditions. It is a hardy tree which tolerates air pollution and is disease resistant.
Flourishes best in well drained, humus rich soils in full sun.
Landscape Use:
A highly ornamental and popular tree because of its hardiness and adaptability in less than ideal site conditions.
Due its aesthetic appeal and vigorousness, it has been used in a wide variety of applications including as a feature tree, along driveways and fences or as screening.
Often flowers much earlier than other Pyrus cultivars commencing with pink buds blossoming to large white floral clusters. Beautiful autumnal leaf variations from russet to deep crimson.

* All dimensions are indicative

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