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Magnolia Teddy Bear

Magnolia Grandiflora var. ‘Teddy Bear’

3 – 4 metres at maturity
2 - 3 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:           
Growth Habit:
An evergreen, compact and upright plant.  Rounded, cup shaped leaves are densely positioned on the tree.
This hybrid produces lush, glossy green leaves with a soft furry underside.
Stunning, large and fragrant white flowers during spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
Evergreen magnolias prefer a part shade position in humus rich well drained soil. They are a hardy tree and can cope with most growing conditions.
Tolerates full sun but prefers partial shade.  Ideal soil should be well drained and humus rich; however, it can tolerate a variety of growing conditions.
Landscape Use:
A very attractive plant which is ideal as a feature tree in all size gardens. Also suitable in streetscapes and parks. Due to its tight formation, 'Teddy Bear' can make an excellent perfumed hedge or screen.

* All dimensions are indicative

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