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Blue Arrow Conifer


Magnolia ‘Fairy Cream’® pbr

syn Michelia

4 metres at maturity
2.5 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:           
Growth Habit:
Fairy Magnolia® Cream is a new hybrid of Michelias, producing beautiful cream fragrant flowers in masses during Spring. A semi-deciduous tree which forms a circular and lush crown.        
This hybrid produces lush dark green showy foliage.
Masses of fragrant flowers along the length of each stem during spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
Tolerates full sun to partial shade.  Adaptable to a range of soil types, but prefers well worked soils; It does not prefer heavily water-logged conditions. Performs best when given moderate moisture levels over summer, but can handle drier conditions once established. Occasional deep watering is  recommended.  This genus is not susceptible to major pest or disease issues.
Landscape Use:
Evergreen foliage and stunning, perfumed flowers make the magnolias/michelias a very attractive plant. They are generally easy to grow shrubs with moderate requirements for fertiliser, water or even pruning. Great for a low maintenance garden.  They are magnificent as an ornamental shrub, hedge, or grown in a tub. After flowering in Spring, prune to size if required.

* All dimensions are indicative

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