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Hill’s Weeping Fig

Ficus microcarpa var. hillii ‘flash’

Up to 4 metres (if pruned)
Up to 15 metres (free growth)
Up to 1 metre (if pruned)
Up to 8 metres (free growth)
Growth Rate:
Growth Habit:
Fast growing, evergreen Australian native with great versatility.  It can be pruned neatly into shape or can be left to grow free-form into a majestic tree featuring a wide canopy, dense crown and moderately pendulous branches.
Dense, luxuriant glossy green leaves.
Preferred growing conditions:
Prefers humus rich, moist, well-drained soil.  Well suited to urban conditions due its capacity to cope with pollution, poor quality and/or compacted soil.  It is generally a very resilient tree, both drought and shade tolerant.
Landscape use:
A hardy and versatile tree suited to many landscape situations, Ficus microcarpa var. hillii
is excellent for hedging or screening or as a pruned specimen to maintain size and shape.   Alternatively, it is suitable for ornamental or shade tree applications.  Roots can be invasive, so care is required not to plant near paths, pipes or buildings.

* All dimensions are indicative

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