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Blue Arrow Conifer


Forest Pansy – Eastern Redbud variety

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

5 metres at maturity
5 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:
Growth Habit:
A glorious low branching small tree with an open, ‘v’ shaped flat topped canopy formation. Interesting and distinctive zig-zag habit on young branches.
Deciduous. Striking heart shaped purple coloured velvety leaves that change colour continuously throughout the year. Leaves generally display distinct yellow to orange colours.
Gorgeous clusters of small, pink, 'pea'-like flowers bloom profusely in masses along the branches in early spring prior to leaves appearing.
Preferred growing conditions:
Tolerates a wide range of acid or alkaline soils.
Unsuitable for prolonged dry, heat exposed and windy sites or water logged sites.
Thrives in fertile, deep, moist, well-drained soil.
Produces its best foliage colour in full sun.
Landscape Use:
A superb small tree with heart shaped purple leaves which constantly change colour throughout the year. The blossom-like pink floral clusters add to its very popular appeal and year round interest. An ideal choice in small landscapes or courtyards.  Due to its size, shape and ever changing features, Cerciscanadensis'Forest Pansy' is also suitable as an informal hedge or for group planting.  Has become a very ‘in-vogue’ tree in recent years.

* All dimensions are indicative

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