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Blue Arrow Conifer


Flowering Ash

Fraxinus ornus

10 metres at maturity
up to 7 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:           
Growth Habit:          
This large tree grows at a moderate rate, forming a rounded and dense crown
The Flowering Ash produces beautiful showy foliage, the dark green leaves turning to shades of burgundy, pink, orange and yellow in the Autumn.
Showy, fragrant blooms of creamy-white flowers produced in abundant panicles during spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
Moderately drought tolerant and adaptable to a variety of conditions including exposed, windy sites as well as coastal areas. Suitable for a range of soil pH values. Fraxinus Ornus thrives best in full sun in soils that are moist, fertile and well-drained. This tree copes well with transplanting.
Landscape Use:
A showy, robust tree which is very well suited to larger landscapes as a lawn or shade tree.  It is a hardy specimen suitable for poorly drained soils or difficult sites.

* All dimensions are indicative

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