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Blue Arrow Conifer


European Hornbeam – upright form

Carpinus betulus fastigiata

8 metres
6 metres
Growth rate:
Slow to moderate.
Growth Habit:
Pyramid shaped when young, gradually forming a rounded crown at maturity.
mid-green leaves.
Light yellow orange, long, thick feathery flowers
Preferred Growing Conditions:
Thrives best in well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.  Carpinus betulus fastigiata can tolerate both alkaline and acidic soils. Generally free of pest and disease problems.
Landscape Use:
An incredibly versatile tree due to its narrow shape and favourable response to pruning, Carpinus betulus fastigiata is an excellent choice to create a formal hedge, screening and pleaching.  It works equally as well as a specimen and shade tree with stunning yellow autumnal foliage.

* All dimensions are indicative

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