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Blue Arrow Conifer


Blueberry Ash

Elaeocarpus reticulates (Pink or White Flowering)

6 to 8 metres at maturity
3 to 4 metres at maturity
Growth Rate:           
Growth Habit:
Small evergreen tree, loosely conical in shape and dense crown of foliage – can be pruned to a smaller size.
The Blueberry Ash produces striking foliage, with thick, dark green leaves converting from pink in younger growth to red for older growth in the Autumn.
Showy, fragrant blooms of white bell-shaped flowers produced in abundant panicles during spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
A robust tree which copes within a range of soil pH values but thrives best in fertile, moist soil. Suited to shade or full sun.
Landscape Use:
Striking attributes all round make this an ideal feature tree.  Elaeocarpus reticulatus
is also perfect as a screening plant or for informal hedging due to the density of its foliage.  Responds well to pruning for a more formal shape if desired.

* All dimensions are indicative

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