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Blue Arrow Conifer


Bay Leaf Tree

Laurus nobilis

Up to 7.5 metres (unless pruned)
Up to 1 metre (if pruned)
Up to 7.5 metres (free growth)
Growth Rate:
Growth Habit:
Fast growing, evergreen shrub with great versatility.  It can be pruned neatly into shape or formed into topiary.  Conversely, it can be left to grow free-form into a majestic tree featuring a dense conical shape.
Dense, luxuriant glossy green leaves.
Greenish-yellow floral clusters in Spring.
Preferred growing conditions:
Prefers  moist, well-drained soil in a full sun or part shade position..  It is generally a  resilient tree, both drought and frost tolerant.
Landscape use:
A hardy and versatile tree suited to many landscape situations, Laurus nobilis is excellent for a fast growing hedge or screening application. Alternatively, it is suitable for ornamental topiary, as a pruned specimen to create stunning formal shapes.   Alternatively,
or shade tree applications.

* All dimensions are indicative

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