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Direct to the public at wholesale prices

Advanced Trees Direct
offers premium quality containerised advanced & semi advanced landscaping trees & shrubs direct to the public at wholesale prices.

As growers and production nursery operators located on the Mornington Peninsula, we specialise in a select number of Australia’s most popular landscaping trees and shrubs including - deciduous, evergreen, specimen and natives trees and shrubs for all your landscaping requirements.

We also offer an online service and personally provide a door to door delivery service within the Melbourne metro area for a nominal fee.

We deliver beyond Melbourne metro area and interstate through specialised plant freight contractors.

We recommend you browse through our selection, acquaint yourself with our detailed tree and shrub descriptions and then email or call us direct to discuss your landscaping requirements.

We’d be more than happy to help!

Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria Housing Industry Association

Annual Sale Extended through to Winter 2017

All advanced trees discounted up to 30% off our normal wholesale prices (limited stock)

Tree species include the following:

  • 2.4m Japanese maple - Acer palmatum were $220 now $154
  • 1.5m Coral bark maple – Acer senkaki were $110 now $85
  • 3.6m Silver birch – Betula pendula ‘alba’ were $285 now $225
  • 2.6m Crimson sentry maple – Acer platanoids were $255 now $195
  • 2.3m Forest pansy – Cercis canadensis Eastern redbud variety were $255 now $195
  • 2.6m Dwarf yellow gum – Eucalyptus leucoxylon ‘Euky Dwarf’ were $235 now $185
  • 2.8m Claret ash – Fraxinus oxycarpa raywoodii were $285 now $235
  • 2.3m Evergreen flowering ash - Fraxinus griffithii were $255 now $225
  • 2.7m Golden honey locust - Gleditsia triacanthos ‘sunburst’ were $255 now $195
  • 2.2m Eastern red cedar – Juniperus virginiana (narrow growing conifer) were $135 now $110
  • 2.0m Magnolia little gem – Bull bay magnolia were $185 now $165.00
  • 2.0m Magnolia ‘Fairy blush’ PBR – Hybrid michelia were $185 now $155
  • 2.7m Ornamental pear ‘capital’ – Pyrus calleryana were $185 now $165
  • 3.5m Ornamental pear ‘capital’ – Pyrus calleryana were $350 now $225
  • 2.7m Ornamental pear ‘cleveland select/chanticleer’ – Pyrus calleryana were $185 now $165
  • 3.5m Ornamental pear ‘cleveland select/chanticleer’ – Pyrus calleryana were $350 now $255
  • 2.6m Ornamental pear ‘manchurian pear’ – Pyrus calleryana were $165 now $135
  • 3.0m Pin oak ‘pringreen’ – Quercus palustris (narrow form) were $255 now $195
  • 1.5m Smaragd conifer – Thuja occidentalis were $155 now $125
  • 2.7m Golden robinia – Robinia psuedoacacia ‘frisia’ were $ 255 now $185

All heights are indicative
Prices are GST inclusive