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Direct to the public
at wholesale prices

Advanced Trees Direct offers premium quality containerised advanced & semi advanced landscaping trees & shrubs direct to the public at wholesale prices.

As growers and production nursery operators located on the Mornington Peninsula, we specialise in a select number of Australia’s most popular landscaping trees and shrubs including - deciduous, evergreen, specimen and natives trees and shrubs for all your landscaping requirements.

We also offer an online service and personally provide a door to door delivery service within the Melbourne metro area for a nominal fee.

We deliver beyond Melbourne metro area and interstate through specialised plant freight contractors.

We recommend you browse through our selection, acquaint yourself with our detailed tree and shrub descriptions and then email or call us direct to discuss your landscaping requirements.

We’d be more than happy to help!

Ornamental pear tree - Pyrus  calleryana  'Capital' & 'Cleveland Select'

Ornamental pear tree - Pyrus  calleryana  'Capital' & 'Cleveland Select'

Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria Housing Industry Association

Summer Special 2018

Ornamental pear trees - Pyrus calleryana 'Capital' & 'Cleveland Select' varieties

Ornamental pear tree - Pyrus  calleryana  'Capital' & 'Cleveland Select'

Undoubtedly some of the most popular and versatile trees in today's domestic landscaping applications.

These trees have glossy dark green leaves which turn to yellow, orange and plum-red late in the Autumn - large white floral clusters cover these trees in Spring.

The trees adapt to a range of site conditions including occasional wet, heavy soils, slightly alkaline soils, and dry conditions however flourish best in well drained, humus rich soils in full sun.

They are hardy trees which tolerate air pollution and are disease resistant also less affected by wind damage than many other Pyrus species.

These trees are suitable as feature trees, for growing along driveways 'avenue of trees' or group planting along boundaries creating a screening effect.

We have available a number of sizes from 2.0 metres up to 4.0 metres.

Trees are priced from $110.00 each

Refer to Plant List for further information and landscape use for each variety