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Advanced Trees Direct offers premium quality containerised advanced & semi advanced landscaping trees & shrubs direct to the public at wholesale prices.

As growers and production nursery operators located on the Mornington Peninsula, we specialise in a select number of Australia’s most popular landscaping trees and shrubs including - deciduous, evergreen, specimen and natives trees and shrubs for all your landscaping requirements.

We also offer an online service and personally provide a door to door delivery service within the Melbourne metro area for a nominal fee.

We deliver beyond Melbourne metro area and interstate through specialised plant freight contractors.

We recommend you browse through our selection, acquaint yourself with our detailed tree and shrub descriptions and then email or call us direct to discuss your landscaping requirements.

We’d be more than happy to help!



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Spring Specials

Japanese Maple (acer palmatum)

A very popular and traditional maple specie ideal for small to medium gardens Most often used for garden ornamentation, particularly due to its vase shape and magnificent display of light green Spring foliage turning orange to red in Autumn.

Trees current height 1.8 metres from top of pot - Spring special price of $75.00 each (normally $110.00)

Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum

Ornamental flowering apple tree – (malus plena)

Ideal as feature trees or for informal hedging – for small and medium size gardens
Elegant pink and white ‘double flowering’ blossoms during Spring with green foliage – turning shades of deep orange to crimson in Autumn.

Trees current height 1.8 metres from top of pot - Spring special price of $75.00 each (normally $110.00)

Winter Special - Ornamental flowering apple tree – (malus plena) Ornamental flowering apple tree – (malus plena)

Populus simonii ‘fastigiata’ (Simon Poplar) – deciduous, impressive columnar form of Chinese poplar - non suckering, upright branches that hold lustrous green leaves turning an elegant yellow in Autumn

Flowering Ash & Blueberry Ash – evergreen tree , produces attractive abundant white flowers in early spring

Fagus ‘sylvatica’ European Beech – deciduous, rich glossy green foliage with attractive grey bark

Ficus hillii ‘flash’ – evergreen, great for hedging or screening

Bay leaf Tree – evergreen, great for hedging or screening

Magnolia ‘fairy’ & ‘fairy blush’ – new species of evergreen magnolia ,perfumed compact flowering trees

Magnolia ‘scented pearl’– evergreen, compact flowering tree

Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’– evergreen, large perfumed cream flowers

Acer ‘platanoides’ Crimson Sentry – deciduous, upright structure with crimson leaves

European hornbeam – deciduous, screening tree, ideal for narrow landscape areas ‘upright form’

Cercis Forest Pansy ‘Eastern Redbud variety’– deciduous small tree with heart shaped burgundy leaves

Silver Birch ‘Betula pendula’ alba – deciduous, with graceful heart shaped foliage and silvery - white trunk

Gleditsia ‘Sunburst’ Honey Locust – deciduous, with bright yellow, ferny foliage

Robinia ‘Frisia’ Golden Leaved Black Locust – deciduous, attractive foliage and clusters of pea-like flowers

Acer X freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ Autumn Blaze – deciduous, deeply cut leaves – tones of orange-red to scarlet red in Autumn

Pin Oak ‘Quercus palustris’ Pringreen/Green pillar – deciduous, impressive columnar form of Pin Oak, upright branches that hold lustrous green leaves turning deep red in Autumn

Syzigium australe ‘pinnacle’ PBR – evergreen Australian native compact upright narrow (conical structure)great for screening in tight areas

Syzigium australe ‘select form’ – evergreen compact lilly pilly , small Australian native tree with glossy dark green leaves

Syzigium australe ‘hinterland gold’ – evergreen compact lilly pilly, beautiful Australian native rainforest plant with dark green glossy foliage and bronze new growth

Banksia ‘integrifolia’ (Coast Banksia) – evergreen Australian native tree with smooth-edged leaves when mature, and heads of pale yellow flowers

Waterhousea ‘floribunda’ – evergreen weeping lilly pilly medium sized evergreen tree with a dense crown and a beautiful weeping habit, widely as a screening plant

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon ‘Euky Dwarf – evergreen small to medium single trunk Australian yellow gum native tree with spear shaped, grey-green foliage

Brachychiton ‘acerifolius’ (Illawarra flame tree) – deciduous tree with vibrant flowers that are bell shaped and bright coral red which appear in Spring on leafless branches

Callistemon citrinus ‘Kings Park Special’ – (bottlebrush) evergreen native small tree display of colourful red brushes in spring